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I'll be getting my Rusty Sword this week, probably Friday before the tournament, or Thursday depending on when I'm free. All are welcome, I will be taking raids down from General, should be easy pickings for you all :) I'll update the day before with the time if anyone wants to attend

- Posted by itscake


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I got cappie in Crazy Maze, but still not good enough to cup. 1 minute before times up and there's 2 deactivations. Ranks change that quick. Crazy. oh... I am MamaXiangQi. Thanks for not discriminating against me.

- Posted by To Be Daegil

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Geez FINESSE ... I encourage you all to search my tank name on uu tuube. It's good music from a Korean movie Jackpot. Stop picking on MamaXiangQi by picking a tourney name that's contrary to mine...
FINESSE = To Not Be Daegil ... You know what you have done.

- Posted by To Be Daegil