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GenSick Libtard,
I hope you win 1st place on that tank.

- Posted by GeneralSick

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Big Tourney on Wednesday using the most challenging map in the game, MamaXiangQi 's PSYCHO MAZE!!!!!
I challenge anyone with courage to win the gold cup without cheating.
Won't hold my breathe on GeneralSick playing, lol would be surprised if he even knows the hot keys. I mean the guy pushed out ArchangeL UrieL and many others in my absence. Glad to see Uriel still games tho.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Gensick drove many users away when he decided to give special rights to known scammers and people who weren't part of the community (Sunny and Toad).
He created a strange power dynamic between the active users with this nonsense which is why many were leaving. Who would want some rando deleting their messages for no reason?
On top of that he wants to control speech in his chat, to him the server is just his little "project" as opposed a community for actual TP players

- Posted by GenSick Libtard

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Have you ever at the dinner table?

- Posted by Phart

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Yes, and I try to keep those silent.

- Posted by Phart

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Drederick Tatum
True #1 tank.
Consistent, persistent, dominating. A true playa.

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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Frinzee you kill stole me 2ice but its okay im almost to general .. all you know how to do is camp

- Posted by The Grim Reaper