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New bulletin board mentions will now show up beside "My Bulletin Board" on the menu!
Feel free to mention TankPit HQ with any general questions! (or contact us for a faster response)

- Posted by TankPit HQ


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I played this game since bonus dot com and play battlefield this was 15 years ago

- Posted by I SmOke CracK

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Thank you for your input. The description has been added.

- Posted by Modest Mole

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Trypticon , I intentionally died to a 3v1. Didn't even turn on my armors and i am happy Brock Lesnar took my kill for his promotion. Not that DrJekyll dude... Happy now?

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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- - - - - -Globe da Legend - - - - - -Globe Daddy - - - - - -Globe Master

- Posted by Monster Among Men


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Horsepower runs all day long, dies and fakes him self back to general. why not just take the raid if your going to give yourself fakes anyways horsepower

- Posted by Horsepower trash