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GeneralSick You know we are right which is why you never directly address the issues you and Adam create. Pure diversion and rationalizations. A slithery snake avoiding responsibility for dysfunctional and self serving discord you run.

You say whatever is beneficial to you because you don't realize the damage you have made to the game since you don't play.

Go away already. Go admin for a game you actually like and care about. Stop ruining this for those who are invested in the game

- Posted by sad life

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sad life get off his sack at least he's active and trying

- Posted by Diary of Days Gone

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Good show Iron Man ! I didn't even count how many were in the raid against you. Maybe 7? You lasted a good while! Journey on, and peace be unto all.

- Posted by GoodWillWin

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Poor Gensicky
When Game Activity High, Take Credit for it
When activity is low, say that discord doesn't matter
When wanna ban chen for owning all the losers in Discord, say he hurts game activity (in a game he doesn't play)

Really struggling here here buddy. God forbid you make the military....Although would be funny to have Drill Sergeant Shaniqua yelling at you for not saluting the rainbow flag.

- Posted by JamesChen

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The fall of Tankpit rests on the shoulders of encouraging toxicity over the mitigation of it. Nothing else nothing more. The lack of self moderation & integrity of its players, and absence of strict moderation from the owner encouraged more players leaving than staying. The players who made the game fun and enjoyable are mostly long gone and only the career bottom feeders remain. The few who remain that put in honest work, I salute you for wading through the sludge.

- Posted by Facts on Wax


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Hey itscake , you died helplessly 2v1 (me) to promote me to Major. Maybe you were AFK. Maybe you were multitasking and weren't focused on Tankpit. Maybe Sigma was right about you oxygen deficiency blood brain barrier problem . So here's what happened. His "little girl" crush, (MamaXiangQi ), entered the map, found him in 5 seconds, and it didn't even take 15 duel shots for him to die helplessly. itscake couldn't last 20 seconds in BED. He was very flaccid.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi