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Allahu Akbar!!!!!

- Posted by Adolf Hitler

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Corpse Reviver ,
Oh that's cool! Sorry I'm not on discord and had no idea. Thank you for the offer! Is it possible to pass it along to someone else? I'd be happy to let someone else use it.

- Posted by MimiC

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sounds like I hit a sore spot
..... heehee

- Posted by Ultra Magnus

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? Adolf Hitler . Cringe and blue pilled. Fake edgy

- Posted by Fake and Cringe

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Globe Master the best part was the the noobs who just joined to lock up the water or mine the map up lmao.

Get a life, we getting cups out here

- Posted by Fake and Cringe

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Hey guys.. I’M RICH!!

- Posted by Stimulus Six

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Big news coming tomorrow including an exclusive interview!

- Posted by Tankpit Newsletter


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Globe Master , I see you are salty you can't come up with a map to earn yourself a purple heart. Psycho Maze was is my expression of vengeance for not being able to cup in a tourney for such a long time. And now you are being a crybaby about my map. Awww, is it unplayable? Boo boo? I will offer you my shoulder to cry on for 50 bucks a second.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi