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I really am not defending anyone, I'm simply stating facts that you have a childlike mindset, far worse than anyone else in this community or any mods on DISCORD, you are just pouting because you got banned because your a racist and you rage all over the place when people comment on your shitty play and CHILDLIKE MIND..

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Napoleon Bonaparte,
I messaged you, but you never hit me back up....

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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please, refer to the message on 6/18/20 on the bottom where Rodimus Prime sent to you, and you'll see where I'm coming from, and you'll notice its not just me that see's it. Apparently its the entire TP community as Rodimus Prime has pointed out. I guess the entire TP community and Rodimus Prime have to watch out now because that childlike mindset will be triggered in 3... 2... 1...

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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I stand with Epic 7. This discord and system is corrupt
It is also the reason we only get to play on Desert or they pick some (mostly all) trash maps for the new map award.

- Posted by JamesChen

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As some of you know, I have been working on marketing tankpit by passing out brochures and making videos out of it. I have recently also created a twitch account where I will be streaming me playing tankpit.
Pretty simple but I figured might as well stream it and maybe grow a community that way.
I would greatly appreciate the support and subscribe!
TWTCH: ArchangelRamiel
YT: TankpiT EvanglisT
Thank you!

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II


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Sinai... there's something really wrong with you. I join the map and all of a sudden you appeared and started shooting me like a madman.
Hopefully, and I mean hopefully you are proud of killing me because I think that's what you wanted. So I gave it to you twice. But I am not too sure if that's what you wanted after all.
It's terribly hard for me to justify my death with 5 other red tanks that aren't really doing any raiding on me so there it is.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Shut up blazin you're such an idiot
Apparently you fools are too stupid to understand what *I gotta go" means so you got trolled...
Cry some more moron

- Posted by EPIC 7

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Haha, you shoulda been banned from tourneys. Looks like youll never cup that tank. TakeitontheChen some more.

- Posted by MALVA


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And I was like... YAY I got #1 lieutenant in 15 minutes with zero full radars. Then... about 40 minutes later...I see 3 captains on top 10. And then my rank kept dripping from #1 to #18. No more chances. ALL luck of the draw to kill that sergeant. =( Welp. Try again next time.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Dear James Chen,
You have repetitively died in tournaments back to back seemingly on purpose out of spite?
If you wish to learn more about how to go about playing a tournament to win and not die, watch some videos on YT or join our Disc0rd channel to get some tips!

- Posted by Rodimus Prime

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Napoleon Bonaparte, you surpassed me later in the tourney... but some reason, I was doing fine until you showed up lol I think I stalled somewhere or something.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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I think I know the secret. Yall scared about not having full radars or full equips at the beginning of the tourney, but I started out going naked with barely 5 armor and 20 duel shots and started hittin on everyone and every bot I see... then I was lieutenant in like 5 minutes and I only saw like 3 other sergs behind me... whew... Gotta play quicker im still a bit slow on the wheel
wheres all the radar? takes 15 minutes to find out and still a recruit. But im hanging my tank as recruit

- Posted by MamaXiangQi