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What is your obsession with me and cats? Haha. You need help dude. CHOP CHOP fatty, come get some

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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just asking,
you sound jealous, because you can't win a cup, or win one fair, which ever your jealousy stems from one of those 2 things.

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Skeleton key
It makes sense that you're defending them..trash always comes in piles

- Posted by EPIC 7

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ToXic Revolver, appreciate donating the major promotion, but ultimately I passed and gave you the promotion,,, I bare the honor to give a higher rank a promotion if they deserve it more than I do.
But I am practicing as a lieutenant /captain rank to prep for tourneys. Same fuel/lower equip numbers. Colonel/general are very achievable on general map, but PPH is best only if I had a general rank, not as a major.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Sorry about that kill, it wasn't what i was trying to do. I was trying to help you out with major so i had a higher ranked PPH partner. Maybe next time!

- Posted by ToxiC ReVolveR

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If anyone wants my help to become great at this game, msg me. I'm clearly the best so I will be a good teacher

- Posted by Napoleon Bonaparte

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Interesting how PunjaB, ROSE and Napoleon can collude in all the tournaments amd MONOPOLIZE the cups with no problem at all
But I make a few dumb mistakes in getting raided and am perma-banned. I make mistakes in the regular game many times and die as many of you have seen, so I don't get why they attribute me dying as foul play.
If anything, maybe this switches it up and allows others to get a cup aside from the aforementioned 3 privileged winners.

- Posted by JamesChen


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EPIC 7 ,
You have some nice awards and a lot of experience to act so newbie?
How and why are you the worst player in the game??
Even people that have played for less than a week take better raids than you!!
You get owned 3v1 and gallop around the map like a pony looking for equipt to re-fill your shields.
You grab a fuel and MAYBE shoot back once every 4 screens.
You are terrible.
Please stop gracing us with your presence,
-from the entire TP community.

- Posted by Rodimus Prime