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dont listen to brit
not new played this when on bonus. just rusty

- Posted by Vision

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I remember a player that would log in to many names promoting God's love years ago. Sorry but this is very nostalgic for me as it has been years. I want to say around 17 or 18 years ago?! Is that you Legend??? This is my first time playing since it was called battlefield. I AM LEGEND

- Posted by Bridgewater

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Don't Cry.

- Posted by GoDziLLa

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Tankpit Maps:
MamaXiangQi Care to write a description for Psycho Maze?

- Posted by Modest Mole

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DrJekyll ,
I like your suggestions DrJekyll. Would definitely be cool to see some new features added to the game. Maybe have the classic worlds and a separate world which has the perks added to it.

- Posted by Battery Steele

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Can someone explain why some tanks are able to DOUBLE hit or TRIPLE hit me certain times... is it because of my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse internet?

- Posted by Battery Steele

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Just wanted to say i'm happy to be back on this game.. I've played every map there was back in the day when I was in 6th grade middle school. I am 30 now and trust me, seeing and being able to play this jewel just takes me back to when I first became a colonel as a young teenager. I never made it to a triple star award general, but now that the game is still in play.. i can finally try and get it off the bucket list.
I'm on purple side, ALLSTAR- See you guys out there!

- Posted by ALLSTAR


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Taking raids not only involve finding fuel, mining, finding equipment, turning on armors, and shooting back. It's also about teamwork and using the terrain to your advantage. Sorry I had to interrupt the Orange raid tonight on Drederick Tatum ...and also the raid then set upon me, (Yoshio Kodama Uyghur Killer ,Carlo Gambino ..and all the other orange guys) You have to be willing to stand up to the ones who is shooting your teammate and hit the top dog for free General points. No fear.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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@dont listen to britdont listen to brit,
I will listen to his advice once I see him start taking raids.

- Posted by Battery Steele