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I had killed Michigan Wolverine as a Captain to get to Major. I may have killed some scrub or something before but it wasn't a free kill. Maybe he was too busy spamming that he didn't get fuel or turn on his armors. many times people don't turn on their armors or whatever.
Btw I killed Smokescreen 3x in total. Today it was to go from Serg to Lieutenant. Life is good, ahaha uknowhatImean?
Don't need free kills

- Posted by JChenDeactSmoke3xLOL

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Epic 7 I can really train you. one thing about the chinese is that we think objectively, not emotionally. It seems like you have issues in attenuating emotions. I can help as part of my training for you if you decide to switch to Orange. You can keep the tank, just pay $25.... I can pay half if money is an issue!
It is clear that the discord is full of these american "snowflakes" as you people call them. We are not sensitive in the oranges.

- Posted by JamesChen

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It's pretty humorous to myself and others that of all things and exchanges this is the "straw that broke the camels back" for you. Frankly put, it highlights how cushiony soft you really are on the inside.
It's okay to be funny in the britches bud....keep on keepin' on funny man!
There's no reason to be angry.. 😄

- Posted by EPIC 7

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We cannot let our angels go; we do not see that they only go out that archangels may come in.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL

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The following orders have been prepared for you by the hand of our mighty Supreme Commander:
Report to the field and plant mines to entrap the enemy.

- Posted by Blue Headquarters


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Smokescreen, I see you spyin now as a purple tank whew...trying not to get raided i see.. I went from Recruit to Captain in like 15 minutes, got a bit generous and gave FINESSE and bluntz-sux a promotion..
Well it's a lot better than you getting killed by a mine. XD "Whatever:" "My dog plays better than...u" sounds true.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Smokescreen doing free kills i see i thought that wasnt allowed?

- Posted by Oden

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Dear James Chen,
Little Fyi you may think your getting more points At Lieutenant and Sargent but your really not. your only making people hate you worse. I have never seen a players reputation go to total SH!t So FAST like your . It ONLY took you 2 weeks. Higher rank = more equipment /More fuel for your noob AZZ to survive . I mean u can keep playing low ranks , im sure we will continue to team up on you and STiLL try and kill you since you STiLL want to Long move

- Posted by Smokescreen


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Katzman coming back
Great tournament! Congrats on the bronze cup! I didn't get the fill I wanted to good eye on joining the 8 tank mob and chasing me down on my last tournament ever.

- Posted by JamesChen