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Yo, did you accuse me of cheating on 12/7/21 post? I didn't cheat, I just asked about changing my tank name to match my social media accounts. I ultimately decided it wasn't worth it.

- Posted by Jakey

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We need to make Tankpit a place for people of all colors, backgrounds, and cultures to enjoy. Lets unify Tankpit and usher in a new era of inclusive and diverse players of all backgrounds coming together with their shared love for the game.



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We will be red.

- Posted by Creatures of Legend


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MamaXiangQi lol you sure are stressing me awfully hard kiddo.😆
You're still going on about the stupid map claiming people use tricks to win tournys lol the only trick I know is to play them...
Apparently I play them better than you.

- Posted by Ultra Magnus

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@Meet Your Maker you were the only one I could get to steady pph last night. Came back to bite me lol Congrats!

- Posted by FocuS