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MimiC Uyghur Killer ,
Chen is lying, as soon as you quit, he spammed "I rule" and "Who's your daddy?" About an hour later he came on his other tank GenSickWelfareCheck and tried to die down to me, but I know his schtick. If you're killing bots or pphing, go beside the tank, so he can't teleport in between you and the target.

- Posted by itscake

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You guys alright in here?

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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Uyghur Killer
anonymous? you're the most anonymous regular here. no picture, no name. you complain about the state of the game, and about people who don't play. the actual facts are that you have pushed more users away from the game than any admin, moderator or player of this game combined. you don't care about the game, you actively undermine it

- Posted by sad life


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MamaXiangQi ,
You come visit at the same time and I happen to be on at the same time, little girl your logic is pristine! Why would you come back to a game you don't play? No one misses you, time to grow up!

- Posted by itscake

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MamaXiangQi , itscake had a breakdown the other day over science talk like he knows more than me despite not even taking college chemistry and I am a PhD scientist.

I think the big pharma record profit science juice spike proteins have entered his blood brain barrier and seriously messed his brain up. He's not the same, used to have some balls, now he's more sensitive than libtards. Maybe he got one of those pfizer strokes. I dunno. Must be a canuck thing

- Posted by JamesChen