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What is the discord to join?

- Posted by Frillex US

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Looks like General Sick (scrub) trolled himself by pernabanning me yet again oh discord for making a joke...
Those fools that run the tphq discord aren't worthy of moderation of their own nightly incontinence yet alone telling other people what to do...
Their nothing more than idiots with child like mind sets.
Haha losers

- Posted by EPIC 7

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@Abraham Simpson II
Thanks for the reply. I didn't know that about the bots.
Definitely helps. Guess I still have a lot to learn. See ya in the field.

- Posted by Special

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@Frillex US
Same! I played Battlefield with my brothers growing up back when bonus games was a thing. It's too bad I couldn't resurrect my tank from then. Ah well. It's still fun and been great playing with you!

- Posted by Special


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Abraham Simpson II, Cant boost a BOT to sergeant in tourneys. Tried that one and wasted time. No promotion, no cup. Everyone who is a lieutenant is stuck in a frying pan recklessly shooting others hoping for points, but ... I think they are aimlessly shooting at each other.
Where are the guest bots? We used to have general ranks in tournaments... guess that didn't go too well.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi