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JamesChen ,
As of you posting that, I was higher than you on the Monthly Leaderboard. If you spent even 5% of the time you do trolling and spamming on discord, you could be consistent top5. If you spent another 5% of that actually contributing and suggesting ways of improving the game, you might have some special awards to your name as well. You do nothing for anyone, you troll and cry and offer nothing in return to fix or help any of the things you complain about. The hypocrisy is unreal.

- Posted by Corpse Reviver

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James Chen's 5 point plan to completely reform TPHQ as admin in the coming weeks. We will clean up the mess left by past leadership and make Tankpit Great Again.

- Posted by HEN GANG

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LMAO Only a person who sucks too much to get to General would make their username: "general".

Sorry you're a cupless loser, you'd be better off playing a game like Russian roulette.

- Posted by JamesChen

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to the orange colonel that i smoked during the raid last night - my dog plays better than you!

- Posted by TULIP


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Not sure about you, but I honestly think Iceland is a lot harder for successful raid taking doing a 5v1 compared to Desert. Tricky situation with not a lot of legroom to be stuck on a small piece of land with absolutely nothing. Want to gamble teleporting to the middle of the ocean in hopes for a ferry? or a Dead boulder? XD
Uyghur Killer

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Wong To Why do you play this game? Every time I come play a map, you end up never shooting back, run away like a whimp every time I want to get some points from your general tank, you trolling around moving either 1 unit to make me miss my duel shots, hide behind boulders, and you spam chat... What a loser.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi