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Sigma ,
creating my own social media platform, stand by..
lol'd at seizures

- Posted by Donald J Trump

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Sigma , some folks need daily or hourly booster shots because they are junkies. Don't forget President Trump's advice to inject bleach. I don't blame him.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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lonley chen "retires" multiple times only to come back for attention. Exiled from the community he fights for (cucked), banned from the main community (cucked) and allies with people who hate him (cucked). Very disappointing to see a pron addicted loser go even lower, when he's not begging to be let back in the discord, he is crying on the BB, very sad to see

- Posted by dead americans lol

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We need to UNIFY TANKPIT PLAYERS NOW. Enough of thew nonsense. We will make Tankpit Great Again!



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Creatures of Legend
We are open to playing red but would prefer to take purple for the first time since 2012. Mostly just incase AoW has activity. Happy to do red for 2023. Thanks for being agreeable. I only meant we(the game) all had the purple creatures team this year - Ordinary Owl, Modest Mole etc.

- Posted by Scourge