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Napoleon Bonaparte,
Can you learn me?

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Anybody see a bot with a higher rank than corporal? I saw one ranked as sergeant.

- Posted by Special

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Just found this game again it has been many many years since I played this game. Thought it was gone until i did some research. Trying to get my friends to come back and play GO BLUE team.

- Posted by Frillex US

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It's finally been revealed who you are(coincidentally you are who am i)....welcome back you hated tankpit celebrity.

- Posted by its been awhileFluke

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Voltaic, start taking raids before joining raids and trash-talking. I've never seen any no.1 in any game, as unpopular as you. Maybe you should just retire this and start a new tank.

- Posted by purple-1

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Lvd cheats
In tournaments

- Posted by just visiting


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It worked well until everyone wanted a piece of me. It's all a bunch of random people shooting at random tanks. That's where the chaos decides who gets the lucky trophy.
Pirated Copy... haven't you stole enough kills already? 3 times is gonna taint your luck.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi