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ArchangeL UrieL ,
That's fine if you want to only pph, but don't mess up other people's raid takes or raid other tanks and steal the kill when you don't need it. That's what pisses people off. I took on my tank and was doing great and you teleported on my screen jacking my fuel leaving me driving screen to screen. If you're trying to get points when somebody your own color is taking, teleport to the edge and radar your own fuel.

- Posted by supernova sage


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Cheers to those who took part in yesterday's tournament. Been around since the bonus days and that was my first trophy ever after 20 years =)

- Posted by zela27

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GREED ,The Grim Reaper ,- 17 - ,Roger
Stop being a fake noob you losers. Someone needs to push your poop in for having weak tournament skills.

- Posted by FAKE NOOB

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Shooter McGavin , Psycho Maze when I first designed it was meant to express my frustration that I couldn't cup in tournaments no matter how hard I tried. So I created this abomination. I played that map and I was shocked how hard it was to find equips and fuel! I was a lieutenant with literally 10 armors and bare naked the whole time. But...I would be happy to design some map that's more beginner friendly if TankPit will host a map creation request again.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi