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Why isnt there enuff equipment in tournaments whatkinda game is this crap people really play this lolllll

- Posted by NewBFdatHoeShhhh

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Welcome to the community!

- Posted by Texan214


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The Crooked Man No it was to show you how irritating you are.
Try again bud

- Posted by Jack Dragna

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Tell us how you really feel.
BlueGhost thx for the help....yea you got the kill but thats the way it goes LOLOLOL. I'll get the next one >_<

- Posted by Bridgewater


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MamaXiangQi ,
lets start with small wishes and wish this game wasnt complete trash lol is this for 5 year olds lolllll

- Posted by NewBFdatHoeShhhh

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For the next contest, for Q2 2021, I am going to hold a contest that involves tournaments , and there will be a cash prize so please make sure you're in the discord and you check TP MERCH section and announcements :)

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL

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Yeah of course it was legit.. Havent seen this game for 15 years ago .. Guess I am back! @Love and Thunder

- Posted by DrYiCeZ