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Ultra Magnus I had about 4 armors and about 100 fuel left when I was going on a stand off with ea04 and you can't even kill me trying to snipe me on a screen with no fuel. That's really sad. Then you stole my equips and mined me, and STILL failed to kill me.
Remember guys, I am the creator of the legendary Psycho Maze... I already know all of your tricks. Tankpit doesn't want to post it for tourney play because crybabies like Ultra Magnus can't handle challenges in life.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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Creatures of Legend
Hi there, we already selected purple as our team color for 2022. It was announced in the main discord channel. Bond movies - purple - 2022. Please select blue or red for your team next season to avoid over populating purple. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. (Not to mention we literally just had purple creatures this year)

- Posted by Kenneth Allen