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Thank you
So realistically, I don't take raids, I only get in and PPH with high ranks and just focus on shooting (not killing) bots.
The not taking raid aspect really helps PPH because not only do you not get a lot of points while you're actually taking, but after you die, it takes time to fill again.
This isn't something that's looked at in a good light from the community however everyone already knows this is my PPH tank and I'm NEVER taking on this tank <3

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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Myth ,
If you’ll check the discord feed you’ll see I actually advocated for map variance. Sherman suggested tron and tagged SW that lasted a day before someone got it swapped to rox...there’s a lot of maps I’ve never even played. I’ve had to play tourneys to experience variety. If you follow the weekly board you’ll find most of the activity and most active players seem to be available during non-raid hours due to time zone/work/life schedules. Bots,bases,”super pph” what’s left?

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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kinda funy that ling ling leaves and mamaching o whtever comes back

- Posted by TP Leaks

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You're correct those tanks are horse power.
He's always been awful and eats far too much cake and fatty foods to correctly pronounce his words on the discord voice chat. Besides that whenever he speaks it is totally devoid of anything with substance anyways.
Psycho maze has been used as a main map before resulting in very low activity due to the inability to actually play.

- Posted by Shooter McGavin