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Here are some PPH tips for new players (for main map):
PPH (points per hour) determines your overall rank in the leaderboards. Each shot gives you points, so you wanna make sure you make the best use of your time by playing efficiently, not spending too much time sitting idle, managing equipment, and being a good PPH partner so others would want to play with you. Otherwise, you may have played for 1000 hrs but someone with better PPH might pass you at 500 hrs.

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PPH tips for new players (cont.)
These are by no means ''rules'' of the game, but doing so will increase the points you earn your play session, while making people want to PPH with you.
1. No mines. Forget that the mine button exists. The moment you start mining someone, they will not want to PPH with you, and you'll miss out on points. Your loss.
2. Don't move around too much. Move only when you are last shade (but not last shot, as you can get killed easily by someone off-screen).

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3. No homings. There is mixed opinion on this one, but here is my take: If you PPH with homings, the other tank may tele away from you sooner, and you'll miss out on some shots per screen. However, if you're trying to get points off someone who moves too much, it is understandable to have them on.
4. Use fuel on the screen sparingly. If you see 2 large fuels together, grab one of them while leaving the second for the other tank. This will increase the number of shots you get on each other.

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5. When you run out of duals, keep shooting singles till you've used up the fuel on the screen or the other person has run out too. You get points for singles too.
6. If you see a screen with a large amount of fuel, say ''Hello'', ''Long time no see'', or ''Come get me!'' to call the other player to that screen. Don't use these terms on dry screens.
7. Try to ''fill fight'', meaning pick up equipment as you fight BUT don't spend too much time picking equipment. You want to shoot more.

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8. If a bot of your color starts shooting the other player, say ''Buzz off!'' or ''Retreat'' and the bot will go away. This is to your own benefit: Getting rid of the bot means you get more points from the other player. If the bot is last shade, it may not go away, in which case you can try ''Out of the way'' or simply move in the bot's line of fire.
9. Don't block other tanks that are playing for points.
10. Have fun.
These are just a few tips; I might put more later. See ya on the field!

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