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********Tankpit Newsletter********
Nov 2012

Good evening fellow tankpitters! In today's edition we're gonna recap the tournament where James Chen took it in poop chute despite his claims of being a superior player.
Nice try there chenny chen Chen

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El Feo's Victims:
Frinzee – Major
xcyphr3ss – General
supernova sage – general
The Grim Reaper – Colonel
Jack Dragna – Major (EZ mine trap), again Major double star (easy snipe)
Frinzee – lieutenant kill 2v1
Bumblebee – captain for bronze tank
itscake – ironman got colonel kill after I mined
tankdemolitioner – captain kill
GoodWillWin – colonel kill to get TRIPLE STAR owned
SOLITUDE – General (double star) in a raid, double star
GeneralSick - corporal & private (Pathetic)

- Posted by El Feo


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MamaXiangQi ,
If the first thing you think of when little girls are mentioned is "pedo" you might want to get therapy for your past trauma. You're acting kinda sussy you little girl baka

- Posted by itscake