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Love you turds. Thanks for keeping this game alive. Dead or alive tankpit is the sh*t. Much love!

- Posted by Texan214

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LEGEND is PRO SELF. aka; PRO TRASH, PRO TARD, PRO TROLL. not fooling anyone with that biznatchazz game play!

- Posted by OrangeNewbTrash


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Whew havent got on here for a few months. Might be a bit rusty with my raiding technique. What have I missed?

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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That is what happens when you let any newb/scrub in the game become associated with your 'team'. They are the orange group that was very active at the end of last season. 2 or 3 solids with 10 weak sauces.

- Posted by Old Wise Man