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You have no skill, I deactivated you badly with a pro long move and you have the gall to insult Mamaxiang for not taking a 8 v 1?
Why should she fight back when you need to have 7 extra people to take her on. That's major noob ish. Take her on 1v1 and she will fight back and likely deactivate you exactly like I did.

- Posted by JamesChenGiveFK

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I don't know where you get those fabricated numbers. I was number 6 before I gladly let you kill me because I felt pity for killing you 2x in a row as the minority kill using skills and tactics.
You say I am 19, but the top 25 list showed me as number 6 as a general. if you can't get to general, you shouldn't be on the top list. Sorry FK taking running getting killed fool

- Posted by JamesChenGiveFK

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James Chen
You're silly.....

- Posted by EPIC 7

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if you want to be on the triumphant end of battle, join "TRUE BLUE" forces. the party uniform of "TRUE BLUE" comrades consists of leather boots, cuban styled military caps, and decorated jackets designed for durability and war. the opposition has tried on many occasions to fracture the unity of "true blue" forces, but it's the prestigious emblems on our jackets that serve as a symbol of our organization and indomitable spirit.

- Posted by Blue Headquarters

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Grats Sinai for passing me, gl towards the top!

- Posted by ScrewBall

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"Surrender is not a possibility"

- Posted by Mongul


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FINESSE, the objective of a raid is to NOT die, and survive as long as you can. That's why your boys planted so many mines and still failed to trap me. Hmmm I wonder why...
I did get fuel within the mines and I DID fire back. You aren't complaining about JamesChen spammin more than I do, so I guess you admit him saying that you get killed easily.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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You fool, that is not a strategy. It's cheap af and highly frowned upon to move like that specially when your raiding someone. That's a very sad and desperate tactic. Noobs will be noobs.
blue-4 > JamestakesitontheChen

- Posted by MALVA


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**********MESSAGE TO TRUE BLUE FORCES*********
my dear brethren! this evening our mighty and indispensable Supreme Commander once again led us in the direction of triumph! entering the map after a lengthy hiatus, he was immediately able to unite all "TRUE BLUE" forces under his command and began striking the enemy with decisive and demonstrative action. under his leadership, in no more than 20 minutes all provocative maneuvers performed by enemy factions were extinguished, all tanks liquidated.

- Posted by Blue Headquarters

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the hierarchy of TRUE BLUE ranks stands as follows:
eternal leader: Supreme Commander
superior officer: Optimus Prime
2nd in command: Atrax
troop: all soldiers who play as blue and are capable of demonstrating valor, an obligation for duty and a will to fight.

- Posted by Blue Headquarters

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to join TRUE BLUE, the proclamation "i fight!" is not enough! the nature of the party is such that success can only be achieved when recruits subordinate themselves under the leadership of Supreme Commander who stands as a pillar of strength. the courageous act of sacrificing individuality and, with the most firm certitude, allowing the divine hand of our eternal leader to guide all "true blue" comrades in the direction of victory is an honor which only the most noble of soldiers can live up to!

- Posted by Blue Headquarters


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Yeah, I saw that easy free killing between US Healthcare is Bad, GravyStain and Manifest Miracles. WHATEVER...
No cup again. Those sergeants were getting warmer and warmer each time.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi