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MamaXiangQi, You'd be doing pretty good if you actually shot back, but that was horrible you didnt shoot back at all just got fuel as you got shot.... cmon you can do better than that!

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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scrubs gonna scrub... keep crying scrub, keep making tank names about me n adam, all you are is jealous, fits you well scrub

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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That voting stuff was just to see how everyone feels about the maps, people taking it to heart (ie; bluntz) and believes the votes are the only that matters. SW revealed a list of all maps that weren't chosen so others made a second list of the rejected maps to allow players to voice their opinions on those as well.

- Posted by Corpse Reviver


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Whew... Psycho Maze... i came in 15 minutes late AND WOW...i ranked 5 overall! i had only 23 armor, zero duels, zero missile shots, 6 homing, and 0 extra radars coming in as a sergeant, and boy that was tough with 2 lieutenants up my tail. Very hard finding fuel and equips, and we got top 2 and 3 hitting each other with single shots and tryna kill me NOPE. Ferrys saves guys... I CREATED A HECK OF A MAP. very little competition, but ppl gettin deactivated here and there.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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hey MXQ,
Psycho Maze is pretty unique. Extremely difficult to play. But still, both times I got silver there by filling as recruit. Refilling is super challenging because ferry distribution is random and so much fuel/eq gets trapped in the water channels. To compensate, I played with a lot of single shots and turned off Extra Radar for a duration in the middle of the tournament to ensure I'd have them at the end. Tournaments there can probably be more easily be won at random.

- Posted by Scourge

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First of all, it was 1 on 1.
Second, I was a sergeant.
Third, it's not about being 1st at 9 minutes or 30 minutes or even 58 minutes.
My first every BF cup, I was 8th as a Major in a 3 hour tournament. #1 was a colonel, #2 a Major. The colonel left with about 15 minutes left.
About 2 minutes left, a huge horde started. A random captain died. I jumped from #8 to #2, and I turned on my shields and just fired shots at some other guys.
The tournament ends, and the top 10 flashes up. I was #1!

- Posted by Disappointing Daniel

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The reason for filling early, past radars, is duals.
I remember early in BF when people didn't fill, and it really was a whoever was #1 at sergeant usually won. Not always, but at least 50% of the time.
Then someone filled up, and were just crushing it. That person cupped ALWAYS. Nobody realized at first, but if you filled up in the first 10 minutes, you almost always cupped.
That's why here people say 12 BF cups = 1 tankpit. It was incredibly easy to cup there, ONCE you figured it out.

- Posted by Disappointing Daniel

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Even 30 seconds made a HUGE difference whether if I have cupped or not. Twiztid got the lucky lieutenant kill that I was praying so hard to get at that last moment. NOPE. I can't get it... it was about a 15% chance of success. I was able to get lieutenant first 10 minutes in the tourney, and was able to get 65k points from start to end ... but that 1 minute warn was that fated moment that my heart beats for... oh the disappointment.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi