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my true blue brethren! a chronic loser and tournament bum by the name of weak-end nachos has made his uneventful return to the field. the order from our Supreme Commander is to seek him out and deliver a merciless strike. a master of panic, if you mine the fuel canisters in the area to arrest and entrap him, he will scramble with urgency and fall with haste.

- Posted by Blue Headquarters

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ltns nachooooo
<3 u bro
I don't understand how there is so much divide in a tiny community of fully grown men who all love the same silly little tank game. Goes to show how humans are really great at quarreling over petty stuff.

- Posted by Scourge

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wow! You and Example, ranking up to captain in blue to die to him as a purple so he can become a colonel so you can kill him as an orange.
I almost got you. Smart move on your part to teleport from 252,7 to 253,251 or else I would have gotten you! :-)

- Posted by Disappointing Daniel

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Can we have some varying tournament lengths?
Back in the bonus days they would occasionally have tournaments that were 6 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 8hrs, 24hrs. My favorite was on that was RANDOM! I logged in during homeroom, got to lieutenant, had to log out, and all day kept logging in and playing. Ended up winning a silver as DirtyHarry! Was great! Think Mommy won the whole thing!
Snoop was 3rd or something
Tournaments were you don't know how long it goes!

- Posted by Disappointing Daniel

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this game is so cheesy lol

- Posted by EPIC 7


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weekend nachos,
You think we have forgotten about you giving yourself death medals in practice them death awards mean nothing.

- Posted by Soundwave

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Sinai And all you bum oranges: What are you protecting with not taking raids and have Heroic honor medal? Speaking of that Sinai Do you even have a Legit award on your tank? you free killed your self to general to get triple star , you killed your own tank to get "golden tank" award. You lamed your shiny sword in practice (which Sw should take away ) but your rather close to getting your legit shiner due to your horrible general # (162) I almost forgot your practice heroic honor medal

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Sinai- Good job playing like the complete noob you are. Sniping people when they are low and killing them. I give you mad props you have learned your skillz wisely from your leader James Chen . 1. Dont take raids . 2 have un legit awards. 3. long move 4 snipe enemy when low 5 . Have no skill to win a cup 6. Give out free killz in tourney s. And to the rest of you oranges who are playing like total PAN5YS keep it up this type of game play can go both ways. Stay Salty My friends

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Hint: I did a 1v1 with Smokescreen... He's so good he killed me in 10 seconds. Be Careful guys. (don't tell him I purposely deposit fuel)
Hint: I took raids since 2005 when I first played "playbattlefield" and I took a ton of raids when guest bots were still existent. I am not really a beginner.
Hint: Don't hoard your general rank. It's not applicable to 1 hour tournaments. You will get lieutenant, captain, or major, but not general. Unless you are Voltaic.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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Noticed I stopped playing tournaments? If you want a cup so bad, you have to thin the pool... probably 8 people MAX. You can't have 7 captains and still got to go for major to secure your cup. Not everyone gets lucky to even get the Sergeant kill...

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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I will respectfully explain to you something that anyone with basic arithmetic could understand. Constantly get raided by 8-10 tanks in a coordinated fashion in a laggy game is hard to survive by any player. With 35-40 armor shields, it takes 2 shots per player to wipe all of them out, not counting the homing shots that get me. All I need to do is teleport to 1 or 2 screens and I am a gonner. OR I can spend the whole game running and get a crappy PPH and lose anyways.

- Posted by JamesChen

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In these tournaments, there are times I am working on wearing a player down on his AS then folks jump on the screen and ignore him and start shooting at me in mass fashion. No other player gets treated like that and the SUGAR DADDY reputation becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
This is proven by the couple of times I have played with an alternate name and faired pretty well in the tournament. LOW IQ major loser idiot Napoleon Bonaparte chase after me many times then get destroyed by a much..

- Posted by JamesChen

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smaller raid. Many players do and sadly they won't be able to handle the raid like I do despite some mistakes.
I also think their is foul play and the owner of the tell their buddies who's tank is attached to who's account...very CORRUPT in that way. Friends on the discord channel have told me this, which is why I refuse to partake in it SORRY
This is also why we see the same 3 players win tournys and the main is still desert. They should address the players about their misgivings?

- Posted by JamesChen

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grats on the gold apocolypse 9!

- Posted by Trump Is Gonna Lose