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All the haters out there, try to last for 30 minutes in a multicolor 8-10 person raid like I did today.
I don't take honor in dying like the modern Battlefield/TP culture dictates, however it was a fair death.
Good job in planting mines and intercepting equipment/fuel. Shame on those who just joined in to shoot.
And yes, I am going to run when it's 8 on 1, fuel halves immediately

- Posted by JamesChen


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Thanks for calling me your alpha lady. Yeah I had a bad raid unfortunately I just entered the map killed you and I hit 4 screens without any fuel and had to drive to find fuel with those same 10 tanks on me. Things happen you should try to fight back more when you take raids miss. Youre looking like a runner out there. If thats your intention then by all means play however you like. Have a great night Momma.

- Posted by FINESSE

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MamaXiangQi is right if you wanna be an "Alpha Male" you really need to conserve your shields and radars. You could use some more practice taking raids. Maybe switch up your "hot keys" so you can hit shields super duper fast. I made the mistake today by not saving them and maybe you have too and i died super duper fast. If you need some raid taking tips n' tricks hit me up i can help you out. If not My Dog Plays Better Than You...her name is Lucy btw and likes to give kisses.

- Posted by ToxiC ReVolveR

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I know i just told FINESSE about my dog named lucy and how she plays better than him and likes to give kisses. However i know you and JamesChen are apart of some kind of Chinese mafia. Please leave my dog alone she isnt for sale, also she is very fatty and wont make for a good snacky snack. She loves to cuddle on the couch and hates duck sauce.

- Posted by ToxiC ReVolveR

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CKPA2020, All you need to do to survive in a raid of 8 is to have FAST internet connection, good mouse coordination, and excellent intuition of fuel sources.
Hint: DO NOT WARP FAR. (Less than 50 units max.)
Hint: To mitigate the effects of duel shots before you teleport, use the mountainous terrain to your advantage.
Hint: Tanks who gang up on you will have high probability of mining you, so you have to radar fast to get what you need.
MORE HINTS LATER... to a Gold CUP holder XD

- Posted by MamaXiangQi