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Created: August 2018
Ping: 70ms
Country: United States
BF Tank: NickName2 -SHOCK-
Previous Names: OGITCHIDAA


"Showing off is the fools idea of GLORY!" A list of tanks I played in battlefield and the other game: BF: NickName2, -SHOCK-, CHeaTeRS iNC, Sodium, IQ-IX, Predator, URGENT FURY, -Spectacular Bid-,F-98 Mosquito, CherrY JuicE, PRESENCE OF A LEGEND, -ChippewA-, WiKiD PasSiOnZ, WarSTRIKES/SecondSTRIKES the other game: -SHOCK-, LAST CALL, PRIDE OF A LEGEND, CherrY JuicE, Battlefield-88


Time Played: 576:9:10
Rank: major
Destroyed Enemies: 8822


Oct 10, 2018 20:06- 21:06 - Metropolis

Sep 12, 2018 17:36- 18:36 - President Trump

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