Special Awards

Names Awards How to Earn Them
Defender of Truth Report bugs, errors, or other flaws with the game.
Purple Heart Create quality content for TankPit. From time to time we hold specific PH contests.
War Correspondent Showcase your creative articles, websites, videos, or social endeavors related to TankPit.
Lightbulb Think up brilliant and novel ideas on how to improve TankPit.

How to Qualify

To qualify for these awards you must submit an award entry via the contact page. Entries for the War Correspondent award may be hosted elsewhere and linked to in your entry. Entries can be emailed to us if you have attachments, or can link to content hosted elsewhere. Entries may include screenshots or videos if you find them helpful.


Out of hundreds of submissions each quarter, we pick only a few of our favorite submissions for these prestigious awards. Take your time to craft a worthy and informative submission that will stand out from the crowd. If your submissions don't win, feel free to improve on them and re-submit them in the future. Check the FAQ before reporting things that might not be bugs!