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Archived News

July 12, 2016:

There is no longer a limit to the number of tanks you can have on an account. For players who resorted to creating multiple accounts to get around the limit, we've added a temporary option to merge your accounts.

Apr 20, 2016:

Sorry for the recent downtime, we're currently testing some upgrades and changes to the server. We've added another tournament today because some players couldn't join yesterday's.

The weekly and monthly Top 25 lists are now back at request of players. We've also come up with an optional yearly ladder system that will be implemented within the next year.

Jan 1, 2016:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! After consultation with players, we've decided not to continue forward with a fresh season as we had previously announced.

Nov 11, 2015:

We are currently trialing a new, experimental feature: a countdown to quit the game! Players who are deep in battle and have low fuel will not be able to escape by quitting. Don't try closing the browser as your tank will be left in game! If you do close it by accident, reload the game and you should automatically reconnect.

Please bear with us while we work out the kinks. We'll be trialing this feature in tournaments and the main map for awhile. Players have asked for quitting with low fuel to be disabled for a long time, so try it out and tell us what you think!

Nov 11, 2015:

We are currently trialing a new, experimental feature: a countdown to quit the game! Players who are deep in battle and have low fuel will not be able to escape by quitting. Don't try closing the browser as your tank will be left in game! If you do close it by accident, reload the game and you should automatically reconnect.

Please bear with us while we work out the kinks and polish the edges. We'll be trialing this feature in tournaments and the main map for awhile. Players have asked us for quitting with low fuel to be disabled for a long time, so try it out and tell us what you think!

Feb 24, 2015:

We are experimenting with a new elimination type tournament. In these tournaments, players with no possible chance of winning will be automatically eliminated from the game. If you're still playing, you still have a chance! Good luck!

Feb 18, 2015:

We are currently experiencing some bugs and weird behavior in game. Please bear with us while we fix them.

Jan 4, 2015:

Thanks to everyone for your award submissions. The winners have been announced. Happy New Years!

Dec 8, 2014:

Some recent changes to TankPit:

  • The new microphone feature allows you to speak the preset chat messages instead of clicking on them. Use HTTPS to make it work better. (Google Chrome only)
  • Don't be alarmed to see a sergeant bot -- some bots are now able to rank up. This should help players who have been stuck at lieutenant.
  • Due to complaints about the map rotation system, we'll be disabling it and playing only the most popular maps for awhile, until we have a better solution.

Oct 6, 2014:

The first edition of tank profiles have been released! Configure yours to choose what information you want to share with other players!

July 28, 2014:

Put your artistic talents to use and contribute new graphics to TankPit! Our 4th Purple Heart Contest has been announced!

Full screen mode is now available in the HTML5 client.

July 12, 2014:

Recent updates:

  • Use Twitter? Follow us @tankpitHQ!
  • Improved game options. New options to customize your graphics in the HTML5 client!

July 1, 2014:

Q2 Awards have been announced! Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all players for the great submissions.

July 1, 2014:

Due to an unresolved bug in the website, some players' tanks have been disappearing from their accounts. The tanks are not deleted, just invisible. If this happens to you, please contact us.

Update: This should now be fixed.

May 18, 2014:

The legacy Java client is working again (a little less elegantly), after the latest tightening of the noose of Java "security" caused more problems for it. We recommend using the newer and better supported (default) HTML5 client if possible, but for players who can't, you can configure the Java client as your default in your account settings.

May 15, 2014:

TankPit's website has received a major update! Here are some highlights:

  • Website should be faster and support more traffic.
  • Fixed HTTPS secure browsing support.
  • Fixed an assortment of CSS and website bugs.
  • A couple new pages, features, and tweaks.
  • Automatic time zone detection.
  • Ability for users to choose their default game client.
  • New database engine for the game and website.

If you find any bugs, please report them as usual, and please bear with us during this transitional phase.

Apr 04, 2014:

Thanks to all the players who put their effort and creativity into creating icons for the Purple Heart contest. After reviewing many great submissions, our judges have decided upon the winners! Check the contest page for a preview of the winning icons. We'll be adding a downloads section soon.

Special awards for Q1 are under way as we review entries. Defender of Truth award judging is not yet finished. Congratulations in advance to all the winners!

Mar 31, 2014:

Today is the final day for the Purple Heart Contest!

Recently we have made several updates to the game and website. Promotion points are back, so press "C" to track your progress towards the next rank.

We have also added the ability for players to vote for the next map out of a few randomly chosen options. We hope this will make the main map cycling more fun by giving players a choice.

Finally, we are working on tank profiles, extended statistics, and various other updates for the future.

Mar 9, 2014:

The new HTML5 client has been greatly improved. Give it a try if you haven't already. We're busy working on the next step improvements for the game and website, so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, get your entry in for the Purple Heart Contest before the end-of-the-month deadline!

We have been doing server updates today and there will be more required in the upcoming weeks. Apologies for the restarts and down time.

Feb 18, 2014:

Dust off your graphical skills, we are pleased to finally announce our third Purple Heart Contest! The contest is to design a TankPit icon and will be open for a little over a month.

Feb 12, 2014:

Our new HTML5 game client has come a long way. In the interest of getting rid of Java and its many problems, we've decided to set the new beta client as the main client under the play link. While relatively stable, the new client is far from finished and we will be continuing to improve and evolve it in the future.

- General Lucy

Jan 21, 2014:

Good-bye Java (soon)! TankPit is being rewritten for the modern world in HTML5 and JavaScript. The new HTML5 client is now available for early trial and beta testing. We're still working on tweaks and bug fixes.

We are currently aware of the following limitations:

  • Hotkeys will not transfer from the Java client to HTML5. You'll need to set your hotkeys using the game settings link directly below the HTML5 client.

The new client should work on any modern browser, but we highly recommend using Firefox or Chrome. Please ensure that your browser is updated to the most recent version. Internet Explorer doesn't support game sound and the graphics will be blurry if you've enabled game scaling. Mobile and tablet browsers should also work, but there is currently no way to play without using a mouse or keyboard.

Try the new client!

As always, we value your feedback and bug reports! Expected continued updates and improvements to the HTML5 client in the upcoming weeks.
- General Lucy

Jan 9, 2014:

You can now take the tournament calendar with you by downloading the iCalendar file and loading it into your preferred scheduling program or mobile device calendar app.

Jan 5, 2014:

Make bases by planting mines in an area enclosed by rocks and obstacles. An age old bug, bases can no longer be destroyed from the inside!

Jan 5, 2014:

In our ongoing efforts to reduce cheating, deactivating your own tanks and those of shared accounts will not count towards your promotion. Likewise, shooting at these tanks will net you less points than shooting other players. To avoid being flagged for cheating, we recommend that you don't share your tanks with anyone, win your own awards, don't exchange free kills, and play honorably!

Jan 1, 2014:

We have introduced account email verification to reduce the amount of fake accounts and ensure players use valid email addresses. Let us know if there are any problems!

Dec 26, 2013:

Merry Christmas to all! The final awards of 2013 have been announced.

For any players interested in switching the main color of their tank, we've added this option, similar to the option to change a tank name. Check the tank name or color change page for more information.

We look forward to continuing bringing new updates and improvements to the game in the new year!

See you on the fields!
- General Lucy

Dec 6, 2013:

Due to a minor data corruption, our databases had to be rolled back several hours today. This means accomplishments and bulletin board posts made earlier in the day may have been lost. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Nov 10, 2013:

Please remember that free kills are not allowed in tournaments and play with honor!

Oct 28, 2013:

Login usernames are now case insensitive! You no longer need the exact capitalization to log in.

Extra points are no longer given to high ranking tanks for deactivating lower ranking tanks. This is to discourage high ranking tanks from ganging up against newer players.

Oct 22, 2013:

Good news for everyone who plays with an increased applet size: graphical skew artifacts on the map fuel and awards have been reduced.

Oct 11, 2013:

Shot angles in the game have finally been fixed. Let's celebrate with some Crazy Maze!

Oct 1, 2013:

As you may have noticed, TankPit's website is in the process of being upgraded! Stay tuned...!

Sept 26, 2013:

Today's tournament was canceled due to technical problems and has been rescheduled for Saturday.

Aug 7, 2013:

Over the past few months, the TankPit server and website have been undergoing major revisions behind the scenes. Most of the changes will be invisible to players but will increase the efficiency, security, and stability of the game. Some changes you will notice:

  • You can now customize your game hotkeys in the game settings.
  • Game sounds volume can now be increased or decreased in game using the +/- hotkeys.
  • You can now set your time zone for the tournament calendar.
  • We've decided to trial an option for players to change tank names. It requires a donation.
  • After trialing it for a few months, we've removed Experience from the tournament results.

Remember to keep TankPit a safe site for players of all ages! Inappropriate language or contact information is not allowed in tank names or on the bulletin board. Offenders will lose their ability to create new tanks or post on the bulletin board, respectively.

We are also cracking down on cheating in tournaments. Malicious players will lose their ability to play tournaments. Please play with honor and don't try to ruin the fun for other players.

See you on the fields!
- General Lucy

Jan. 1, 2013:

TankPit has been moved to a faster server! Apologies about the downtime during the move. Hopefully things will run smoother now. Happy New Years!

Dec. 25, 2012:

Merry Christmas and good tidings to all!

Dec. 16, 2012:

Special Awards will be returning soon! If you won a special award in TankPit in the past and want it restored to your new tank, be sure to contact us with your old and new account and tank names!

Nov. 12, 2012:

Tournaments are back! Enjoy and please play fair! We'll be figuring out a way to punish and stop cheating.

Oct. 29, 2012:

Note: Emails for hotmail and aol are currently not working. This means password reset emails. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll need to migrate to a new server before these will work.

Oct. 24, 2012:

TankPit is back! After a brief downtime and some unfortunate data loss, we're back online with a new server and a new admin team. Due to these recent events, we've made the tough decision to level the playing field by resetting all game stats.

We'd like to thank all of you who have helped us test and improve the game over the last year to get it to the stage it is currently at. Players who previously won special awards for their efforts will be eligible to place the awards on their new tanks. TankPit is now relatively stable and we hope you'll all enjoy it!

For information about transferring your special awards, please contact us in the upcoming weeks. Awards will not be transferred for 2 weeks from now.

- General Lucy

July 8, 2012:

The results from the latest Purple Heart contest are in! We'll be trialing 15 new maps over the next few months in tournaments and normal play. Your feedback will help us decide which maps to keep in the long run. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Enjoy the new maps and have a great summer!

May 1, 2012:

Bored of the same old maps? Participate in our second Purple Heart contest to design your own new and exciting maps for the game!

Due to popular request we've added some tips on how to enter for the monthly awards.

Feb 29, 2012:

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the first Purple Heart contest. The winners have been announced!

Feb 6, 2012:

We're excited to announce a new gauge for players to check their promotion requirements! You can find this gauge on the right hand side of the fuel and inventory area, replacing the rarely-used inventory button.

Due to popular request, we've also added an experimental new ability to stretch the game size. You can find it on the game settings page. Please note that the graphics will be distorted if you use this. We hope to improve it in the future.

Unfortunately our mail server was down from Feb. 5, 23:00 GMT for approximately 12 hours. If you used the contact form during this time your message was lost. Sorry for the inconvenience. We've had a few problems with email so if you were expecting a response to a message and didn't get one, please re-send it! For the greatest reliability until these issues are solved, you may want to email us directly.

Jan 28, 2012:

Deactivation by a bot now counts towards your total deactivations. Instead, deactivation by a mine does not count. We consider this more fair.

Jan 21, 2012:

To keep the teams fair, our new limits factor in the ranks and number of players on every color. Some players have found this confusing but it's not a bug. We encourage players to create an extra tank on one of the weaker colors for times when they can't join the map on their favorite color. Again, this is to keep the game fair and fun for all players.

We sympathize with the players who mailed us asking if we could change the tank colors on the map for better visibility. We intended to add this feature from the beginning and players can now change these colors if they wish to on the game settings page.

Finally, we'd like to remind all players that cheating won't be allowed on Tankpit. Anyone using cheats or modified games may have their tanks deleted or be banned from playing so please don't try. Thanks!

Jan 10, 2012:

Due to popular demand we're trialing the hotkey 'F' for opening the map. We know this is a sensitive issue so try it out and send us your feedback on whether to keep it or not!

Jan 05, 2012:

Welcome all players. TankPit has just launched and we need your help reporting any bugs you encounter. The best reports may qualify you for the prestigious Defender of Truth award. Hope you enjoy the game and we look forward to seeing your feedback on the bulletin board!