Archived News

Dec 31, 2019:

The 2019 season is complete! A new 2020 leaderboard has now been created! Good luck!

Dec 25, 2019:

Merry Christmas to all. The 2019 year will be coming to close soon. This is the last week to compete on the 2019 leaderboard before it is frozen and a new 2020 leaderboard is created!

Nov 9, 2019:

A longstanding problem with the game has been that players can lock up all the ferries on the water with obstacles. We have often reset all obstacles on the map to deal with this, which isn't fair to players who have built bases. Due to continued abuse, we have now added a feature to automatically periodically unlock ferries after they've been locked for a certain length of time.

Nov 1, 2019:

If you use customized game hotkeys, you may want to double check them. Hotkeys have been updated to use the modern browser standard and a few special and non-standard keys may not have been mapped correctly.

Oct 12, 2019:

Q3 2019 special awards are now out, thank you to everyone who submitted entries and congratulations to the winners!

All of the bot tanks in the game are now all allowed to rank up to a maximum rank of Sergeant. We intend to experiment with allowing them to rank even higher, once we've created a better AI so that higher ranked bots will be smarter and harder to deactivate.

Jan 1, 2019:

Happy New Year's! A fresh 2019 leaderboard is now active and the 2018 leaderboard is closed. All new tanks created in 2019 will complete on the 2019 leaderboard in addition to the Overall leaderboard that all tanks compete on. Players can now switch between the leaderboards in-game in the settings.

At the start of 2018, we began gathering additional, more detail game statistics for all tanks. We've now made some of these statistics visible and we think players will find them interesting! You can find these stats for each tank on the manage tanks page by clicking "view stats". More will be coming soon!

Dec 18, 2018:

There are two weeks left to fight for your position on the 2018 leaderboard! On January 1st, a new 2019 series will begin and the 2018 leaderboard will be frozen. After that, you'll still be able to compete with your 2018 tanks on the Overall leaderboard.

Oct 7, 2018:

If you're interested in chatting with other players, there is an unofficial Discord chat hosted by some players. TankPit HQ has no affiliation with this chat, use it at your own risk.

Aug 26, 2018:

TankPit is now available on Kongregate. Help expose the game to new players by playing via Kongregate, leaving a comment, and giving it a good rating!

Feb 18, 2018:

Due to popular demand, map voting is back! Active players can now vote on the next map to be played for the World game or to keep the current map. The map changes Fridays and Mondays, so be sure to get your vote in!

Jan 1, 2018:

Happy New Year! All newly created tanks will now compete on the 2018 leaderboard.

Dec 23, 2017:

We are proud to release our new website design created by weekend nachos !

Merry Christmas to all players. You have 8 days left to play on the 2017 leaderboard. We'll be opening a new leaderboard on January 1, 2018!

Jan 23, 2017:

Congrats to all players who earned special awards during the last quarter. Players now get to choose what tank they'd like to place their award on the manage tanks page.

Jan 1, 2017:

Happy New Year! TankPit is experimenting with a new yearly ladder system. Only new tanks can compete on the 2017 leaderboard, while existing tanks will be competing on the overall leaderboard. After 1 year, the 2017 leaderboard will be frozen, all tanks transferred to the overall leaderboard, and a 2018 leaderboard will be opened. This system will provide an added incentive for new and seasonal players, while established players can continue to play their existing tanks. Good luck to all!

Stay tuned for more improvements coming soon.