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Crazed- -Antics ,
Yes i do know and dont really care im still getting good PP that way i dont lose a shot having hommings on ;) dont mind me i got my ways. Enjoy.

- Posted by -LegioN-


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Void ,
104,537 here. It sure was tough finding eq for me too. I got lucky and found a ferry at the end for some but alas it was not enough. Ah well, onto the next one. Ggs.


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Void ,
I actually did ok finding eq, I had an issue finding fuel lol.

- Posted by Grapeshot

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Do the points really matter? When you have 2-4 fks and trolls every single tournament even in literal 8-9 man tourneys you have 4 trolls and multiple deaths. You can literally get 40k promo point cups. Having a captain on the field completely skews points as well and changes the entire tournament. Every facet of this game is a dumpster fire because the great SW dgaf half the population are trolls the other half are self inflating cucks

- Posted by human garbage

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Crazed- -Antics
Congrats on your silver cup! You were 30k behind in pts whenever you made Cap so I knew you weren't going to pass me in twenty minutes! Anyways I'm glad you got the kill, I probably would've got silver if anyone else got it, due to the fact I was done pphing after the thirty min mark lol. That sheets boring.

- Posted by kaYNe