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Who the heck keeps playing practice!?!
I keep seeing an orange playing, but by the time I join they have left! Who the heck is playing practice, and then leaving before I can join.. I just wanna relive my days as #9 in practice back when katrina was #2 and CyberBully was #1!

- Posted by JackGamble


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Lame! Earn your tourneys, noobs. This is all backwards.
I mean, honestly?? Think about it...Why "award" three cups a day to the same group of 7 people who literally will only show up for that hour? Not only are the odds insanely skewed unfairly in the favor of the selfish few who only play them but there's also no support/longevity for the game itself (i.e. the main map where long-term stats are permanent, the cups you win actually have value, and new players are acquired).
Shame on you...

- Posted by 12-year-old gey kid