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Flawless Victory ,
😆 ...ok
1) I was around during the advent of sarge tricking.
2) on my previous reg:
a) 2 rusties
b) several batties
c) probably 5 shinys
d) won all my specials & awards (sold several too)
Topped out cups somewhere in the 140ish range. (Was ahead of adam on top 10 list)
Set a few tourny records including most lt kills-fastest cup time-not to mention the most handsome tourny player ever!
Part #2 incoming

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Part 2:
3) had the most kills in tankpit prior to selling my account. But alas: my hands down favorite achievement was my tankpit endgame. My goal was to utilize the "egos" so that they would inadvertently be helping me farm pps from them thus shortening the length of time it took to achieve whatever in-game goal I set for myself. I played the game my way, not theirs and walked away happy.
Part #3 incoming

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I remember when you started playing and poking around in tournys talking smack but coming up way short. Then the other day I decided to nonchalantly shoot around for around 30k and instead of being appreciative for having someone to shoot around with you babble like an idiot. Get a clue...instead of having breakdowns about the game, enjoy it! And if you can't, find something else to do....this isn't high school any more Dorothy. Time to put on your big girl panties

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Go ahead and reveal The Devils Work . 55-57 min trick with 50% ranking before the 30 min mark... Sissy.
Obviously, nobody else seemed to care about the conversations on the BB lately. Shocker.
Auto rank to lieu and ban battlezone! GG.

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actually no,
You can't be serious... spawns in with more corp bots? lol... cmon now. Having everyone start with full EQ from the start would make tournaments a level playing field for EVERYONE involved.
All of your other scenarios would be the same with/without starting with full equipment...
It's just an idea dude. Throw a single one on the calendar and see how it goes. if it's trash, discard it. I could see more people coming back for that alone.

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