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Please ban commander and juno from ever playing a tournament ever again. Commander trolled me and anyone i shot for the first 10 mins by sitting recruit and mining the dude i was shooting. Later spams "Eq detected here just to freaking die 5 mins later. Juno quit then came back 15 mins later just to die. I wasted 20+ ers scanning the top right of the map for him to live and he dies anyway. This is getting so old. Where's the integrity you so claim to wish to preserve? What a joke

- Posted by ISRAEL

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calibr8, elev8 etc. = iBorg, artisan etc.

- Posted by Oust

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...Whitey, what happened?


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Ahh 🇨🇦 tourny..
I remember wanting to cup there
Gl to those who deserve it!

- Posted by - Sun Spots -