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SchizophreniA If your hard-on for me got any harder, you'd almost reach 2 inches.

- Posted by artisan

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Why is nobody playing tournaments anymore?

- Posted by Voltraic


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Cyrax, I'm better than you at serg tricking, nice try tho! Ghost of Chem , Thanks for the points. Kyosui no Hado, how's that 4th place feeling? It's going to be a permanent placing for you if you keep ranking up early. Must be seeing the ghost of sugars while you playing to be ranking up to LT before the 30min mark.🤣 I guess you the Sam Darnold of TP tournaments. 👻👻👻👻 That goes for the rest of you fools that rank up early too. 🎃

- Posted by Fleur du Mal