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I like that 60 full idea!
Some fun tournament ideas:
Start at 60 for equipment
Standard equipment range (20-60) vs tournament (60-120)
Most kills tournament. Literally get a cup for the most kills, not points or rank!



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asphyxi8 ,
I had actually subbed something similar a couple years back, and had in depth discussions with SW on the matter but he found my idea "boring". But the gist of it was that everyone started at General and started the game full eq. Just have a pure pph contest. But he didn't like the idea because of how exiting and appealing the "chase" was for other players trying to bank a kill. He thought it would be taking away too much from the game. Whatevs lol

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- Sun Spots - ,
Out of your element as in you have no idea what you're talking about #1 I don't have a single 4 man. #2 I'm not even playing half the tournaments these idiots are complaining about me in. #3 SGT tricking was around long before I started (in response to others doing it). #4..My stripes? I've won hundreds of cups in BF..came back over a decade later and won over 100 more. Where are your stripes? Or is it just spots? Because from what I've seen you're a pretty mediocre player.

- Posted by Flawless Victory

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asphyxi8 ,
Serg tricking has been going on for at least 5-6yrs on tankpit it just wasn’t until the 50+min mark because enough activity to make capt. If you have any older TP YT channels there’s proof. There’s evidence of cheating(some form of sh) and there’s been FKs going on for yrs, a ton this year. At least serg tricking isn’t only allowed on SWs whims. There’s 1 rule and it’s not enforced. All this squabbling is for not, pathetic even given turnouts.

- Posted by actually no

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asphyxi8 ,
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, tournaments are in no way fair, or balanced. No serg trick? Your team mate gets a kill and gives capt pts to the guy behind you. same pts difference. Full eq at start? The guy who spawns in with more corp bots close or on screen has an advantage. Better team mates? Advantage. Bad eq luck *quantity*? Faster internet? Advantage. You get it? Skill is dmg control for bad luck it doesn't decide placing on its own

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serg tricking is lame. the same couple people giving/receiving fks for the entire year is more lame. the known repeat offenders giving/receiving skew every tourney they enter it changes the entire dynamic. seems kind of like crying your food on the stove is burning when your hair is on fire. get the actual rule enforced before trying to enforce community standards. the fact the community is like 6 of you means there is no community. all of you not even in the same discord to talk lmao

- Posted by integrity