Posts for September 7, 2022


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Thanks for the shout out, my pleasure! See you on the field!

- Posted by Shockwave

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Two nights in a row you burn your shields in a raid then run all over the map and quit out, pathetic.

- Posted by Shockwave

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Keep on keeping on my dude. Always down to shoot around

- Posted by William Bonney

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MOONRAKER You play like a complete dbag. Grab all the equip every screen, Snipe, use homers, shoot me non stop when im last shade even when the kill wouldnt rank you, and play main like it's a tournament. I try showing respect to everyone on the field and get along with everyone but you gotta troll me. Games not active enough to turn away potential points partners, but i dont have to keep feeding you points.

- Posted by SkizziK


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ROSE Corpse Reviver - I Hit 130k in the previous tournament ; just informing for 11 11 to be shown in the "130k club" - check your analytics email. cheers

- Posted by 11 11