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CoL Oni ,
Shut up nobody cares about you or your opinion

- Posted by - Sun Spots -

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Casualties of of Chen:

CoL Oni (and his whole team)
Jack Dragna (and his whole team)
One hit wonder (decisive victory)
Bumblebee aka Islam bring terror
SORROW aka traitor fetal alcohol
Supreme Commander (doesn't play)
Tankpit as a whole

Let's just say that maybe you should have focused on helping Tankpit instead of coming after the King of Tankpit

- Posted by Legendary Tanksmen

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CoL Oni ]
> dead team (again)
> dead contest
> dead and dysfunctional discord
Yeah, I think we can all agree that Chen had a decisive victory lmao

Another win would be if GeneralSick gets paid over minimum wage (I really worry for that guy), but highly doubt!

- Posted by Funny

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Sigma rises once again

- Posted by VoltIsNiceNMyFriend


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I had plenty of wins in that tourney, despite being false flag banned and also being on vacation for 2 weeks of it.
Imagine if I was actually active?

- Posted by MamXiangCh1nkSlantey