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X ,
I agree. Even dating back to the late 90's, I don't remember any type of serg tricking "strategy" in tournaments.
Auto promote to lieu will fix the endless whining and put everyone on a level playing field. I truly believe it has pushed away even more players. Maybe just throw one in there for a 'trial'.
FK's are a whole different story...

- Posted by asphyxi8

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Flawless Victory ,
And what element might that be oh mighty 4 man tourny sarge tricker? 🤣
Please take mercy on me and forgive my trespasses oh beastly whiner!
Earn your stripes 1st then come talk to me child.

- Posted by - Sun Spots -

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I also submitted the idea for everyone to start with full EQ from the start. Forget the wasted 5-12 min starts to every tournament. Everyone can come out of the gate firing. Good idea?
Maybe something like this would spark activity. Anything would help right now.

- Posted by asphyxi8