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Activity is definitely up, having 5-7 people get on daily in the afternoon completely changes the game experience. We're not too far off from getting 10+ active players in non-tournaments. If everyone can pitch in and either tell a few friends, put up flyers, or post on game boards. That would help get us to that mark before the holidays. Then, we'll have 20+ active at one time!
Good to see more veterans returning daily now.
Ghost of Chen good to see you on the field again.

- Posted by R E D - D A W N

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shout out to Shockwave , MOONRAKER , William Bonney , tom , INTIMIDATION , and SHIB TO THE MOON (definitely can't forget you XD) fro helping me get back to speed. Was really rusty getting back into it but you guys buffed it out,
░░░ █████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▃

- Posted by FURY


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"I got hairy legs!"

- Posted by Corn Pop