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Do you ever get tired of listening to your own bs or do you reset your memory with each new tank. Asking for a friend. BB is flooded with your crap posts on god knows how many tanks just give it a rest. We know who you areā€¦Go outside, please do something with your life.

- Posted by Bring wade boots

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Well I see I still suck at raids after all these years ha

- Posted by tbone

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So, what I meant, was that I don't see how people are still complaining about the same things 26 years later.
Sure in 1997-1999, fake fighting, shield fighting, water fighting, etc, all were plagues and annoying. But we've got such a LIMITED base now, everyone can play their way. We should just be happy they play!
Do some random stuff. Someone mentioned awhile back short tournaments (like 12 minutes or something whacky). Sure! Let's throw in a 24hr tournament to! Let's have fun!


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We aren't kids anymore. Let's enjoy this for what it is. Nostalgic fun that takes us back to whenever we played this and couldn't get enough. I remember when in 2000 they enabled us to see stats, and that changed the game. Once people realized shields prevented points, and how close they were to swords, etc; it went from a focus of primary fighting and deactivating to another focus. And that's fine. We will never get back to what it was. Let's enjoy this and stop acting like 13 year olds