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Rambling man
Ah yes, the Rambling Man who is too scared to face me in the muck and the grime. I've got news for you, Felicia - you stink, and quite frankly, I'm embarrassed for you. You're all over the bulletin board, but meanwhile, you don't have a single decoration to your desecrated tank.
Myself on the other hand? I'm a 2-star decorated Colonel, and practically have the gold tank award. Come next tournament, I'll also have the golden chalice next to my name. Farewell, bozo.

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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v 3 n 0 m
Don't make me laugh my head off, you bulbous headed buffoon. Your "dual shots of Fury" wouldn't make it a centimeter into my shields.
It's a shame my cup of tea required honey that was freshly extracted from the beehive on my property here in Tuscany. Otherwise, I'd using the oil from your tank to fill my gold cup from tonight's tournament win.
If we meet again in the field, I command you to maneuver your tank away from mine.

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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You are nothing more than a vassal on my territory. You should consider yourself privileged to be assigned to swabbing the poop deck on my ship of victory.
Go on, wallow in your inability to make it to the coveted rank of Colonel like I have, and instead, drink the brine that I have used to pickle my enemies. I just hope it doesn't upset your weak little tummy too much.
Worst regards,

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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Smokescreen Hiei
So what the elders have said is true: swine do come in different colors.
While you two are out and about sniffing for truffles, I'm accomplishing feats that the likes of you couldn't even imagine if you combined both of your heads and created some sort of atrocious abomination that would make Medusa turn away.
Quick tip: deposit all of your fuel, and wait for me to come and deactivate you. It's much simpler this way, and it will save you time and embarrassment.

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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Hiei Nice playing with you today. Keep grinding up that yearly leader board!

- Posted by Smokescreen


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Bobby Buffalo Shut up and play the game! you have a lot to learn ! I will give you 500$ USD cash app if you can pass me

- Posted by Smokescreen


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MamaXiangQiBlows ,
I dunno, are they? Do some detective work and try to figure out who they are then.
I've never messed with coordination, fks or unsporting conduct not just because it's the right thing to do and I'd feel dirty otherwise but also because this place has a long memory.

- Posted by Scheherazade

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MamaXiangQiBlows , Hey bro I feel you there!
I've spent MANY one-hour competitions watching folks rank to sergeant without equip, and the thing is... even if you kill computers until the rank of sergeant, you should be full on eq by then so there's no reason to die so fast. Anyways I've witnessed many players disappearing from mob fights and these others start dotting across the map to an opposite corner. LOSERS. Every kill I got in tournament was NEVER 1v1, maybe one or two 2v1 ... but MANY 3+v1.

- Posted by Sslump