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Anyone know what the points were back in BF days?
I remember it was 60 for hitting a general, and that 1.3mil per 100hrs was considered good as I hit 2.6mil with 200hrs in Apps and was one of the top battered swords with 4.2 million total in 315hrs before I quit


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You put the lime and the coconut and shake it all up!"

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- Sun Spots - ,
You're out of your element, Spots. You're like a child who wandered into the middle of a along.

- Posted by Flawless Victory

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asphyxi8 ,
I whole heartedly support the idea of auto rank to lt. I just think sitting serg is so shady, and it's unfair to everyone else who ranked to lt. Sure everyone has the same opportunity to sit serg but if we all did, then theres no advantage to be gained. And tbh, im ok with everyone being serg. Either make the rank up to lt happen based off killng a real player (not a corp bot) or auto rank to lt. either way lol .

- Posted by X

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asphyxi8 ,
Not crusher huh? Hmmm my next few guesses would be Adam, Cloud, Vitality, or maybe Clima. Heard rumor that you were Nachos but i don't think he's around anymore. Anyway cya in the next one

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X ,
Not I :)

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I am not against auto ranking to lieutenant in tournaments. I am just annoyed that fake kills still happen, so if you happen to be #3 as a Lieutenant finally (yes, some of us struggle to cup. I know most of you have 100+, I have 5), someone fk's to captain and bam, #4 yet again...

- Posted by Master of Math