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Mooseknuckle ,
Don't tag me, bro.

- Posted by Anten


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OK kidz hiding behind you new tanks . Talking all this trash . Grow up and talk the talk behind you're mainZ

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ


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The Table surely it's just a coincedence that you quit out after making Cpt so that Detroit could come in right after and proceed to die. Detroit funny how you didn't spam "whatever" like last night. Of course that'd be easily explained if you are a different person entirely.. Also The Table pretty lame to quit out in kaYNe fashion after securing a kill. Detroit if you haven't cupped yet.. it's not happening bro. Hang it up. Or move on to the next throw away.

- Posted by Anim Pakal

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Nice fk red-11 aka blondemyke. Ig2g huh table? So you can come back in on Detroit and die. You guys are pathetic. Couldn’t get your fk last night so you got it today. Good job cupping a tank you won’t play or link. You’re so good at this game you must play main map like you do a tournament. Troll and mine the map all day and attempt to run anyone out that does try to play. Good job proving why this game is at rock bottom and will continue to plummet to its dirty rotten core

- Posted by Moff Gideon

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Grifter ,
Just upload the videos..
I don't appreciate being called a cheater. There's zero deflection in any of this.
The cry baby part goes back a few months ago when you were whining in game constantly. I believe there was an exchange between me and you then as well. It's always something.
All I ask is that the dev's step in and refute your theory. I don't have "server access" nor do i have any type of cheats/hax. I'm actually at a slight disadvantage if we're being real.

- Posted by Sable