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"STUPID CHEN" Take your meds
1. Anyone who has played with me has seen me die like that. That being said, why would I give any loser the pleasure to kill me?
2. I did not know a contest was going on as I am not in discord
3. In regards to "troll everyone that chases you when you enter again". ARE you mad I DIDN'T die? How is that a troll? I get constantly mobbed in tournaments, you should be happy I didn't die.

this does not follow any rational though process

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4. I never said I misclicked shields. I didn't use shields and timed my teleport to land on fuel but my mouse landed above the fuel spot and I didn't put on shields thinking I can get to the fuel without needing shields.

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Hi my main tanks are:
And my community handle is "Stud" and I want to be your friend.
My former friend Josh and his team were very nice to me even though I am intellectually challenged.
I feel that I have become an elite player I don't mean to brag but I am definitely the Yin to 4th armoreds yang: and can take on all challengers....
yer a joke just like that whole aow tean
whos your daddy

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