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Cydonia ,
bro, how you gonna say you dont have friends up in here? i know we dont talk much as we used to but homie i'm still here. i'm always good for a convo with ya. anyhow hope all is great in life and hmu on discord anytime.

- Posted by Master of the Cosmos

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iBorg , still no idea who you are and I’m not affiliated w Mama. That one single day months ago I played against you…. That is what ur clinging onto?? Lmao. Wow.

- Posted by Cydonia

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I see a lot of people hiding behind a computer screen feeling quite brave with their words. It's quite amusing seeing how aggressive so many are knowing very well they wouldn't dare step out of line in person lol. with your little secondary accounts talking trash and on a game at that? You're a joke. 3/4 of y'all would be bent over mercilessly in the playbattlefield days of this game and I will gradly raise that number to real life lol. Talking tough on a game? What a joke. Trailer Park Trash

- Posted by Wolv258


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Bet there'll be some sort of pissin' and moaning about the tourny.

- Posted by UnicorN