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Hey, Xx-aLiCe-N-ChAiNs-xX
I've got news for you. You think you're all that, but you're not. The only reason you deactivated me when I went over to the red ream is because I didn't have any extra radars.
You think you're so cool, but you've been at sergeant rank for practically forever because you don't have what it takes to make it to lieutenant.
To be honest, you stink, and I pity you for that.
Worst regards,

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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v 3 n 0 m
You made a mistake impeding my path to victory. You think just because we have the same coat of paint on our tank that we are somehow equals?
Think again, shorty.
You told me to check the bulletin board, and I'm telling you that I did check it, but didn't bother to see if you posted a message.
This is war, and spoiler alert: I win
See you on the battlefield, pip squeak.

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo


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I love how yall guys get on this BB and pretend like your cups are earned. Ive only been back for a short time and all 3 tourneys I played were rigged lol. Can't remember the first one but Venom/George and sslump/JCSIII, lame. venom&sslump both came in super passive kiling bots and both George/JCSIII jumped in late, got sargent, and died.

- Posted by Par 4

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v 3 n 0 m ,
Thanks man ! Finally got a Bronze, upsetting really!

- Posted by Sslump

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Par 4
I hope you didn't give up and needlessly die... if the admin decides it was intentional, that can get you barred from playing tournaments for a bit, fair warning!
Dr Pepper
Dunno mate, these days all discussion of the game is kinda slow. I don't doubt that happened at some point however, but tournaments are generally won by people with experience winning them... same as it ever was.

- Posted by Scheherazade