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Ah it has been too long, I do love my little bottom dweller fan club.

- Posted by Flawless Victory

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I was only saying something to you because you annoyed me that entire tournament. Id try to 1v1 with the dude who came in late since you all wouldn't rank up. Then you'd port to us shooting me, and then 8 dude would port in shooting me or you. So yeah I targeted the f out of you everytime you jumped on my screen. That and you spammed whatever constantly.

- Posted by X

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asphyxi8 ,
Thanks for the props, I guess. Lol
I don't know why you all didn't just rank. Could've easily had 2 separate pairs of 1v1 and no one cucking anyone, but oh well. Who are you by the way? I spent some time scrolling through the results and seen a lot of the 8 theme. You almost remind me of crusher but I don't think he'd milk the serg thing. Anyway cya around GG

- Posted by X