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Secret of My Success what fk? Delusional scrub.
I don’t care for a gold or silver or bronze; but I’m glad I didn’t let you get ahead of the other people that ranked.
I purposely let 31G get a few shots since you had the serg unfair advantage.
& it was nice to see you not only be behind 31G in points but also get pooped on in the last 5 seconds.

- Posted by NOW WE ARE FREE

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Dead Opps ,
Clearly you missed my post where I mentioned cutting back on tournaments due to free kills. I didn't play..but it sounds like I hit a nerve :)
I would reveal if I did play because I dont need to hide behind fake tanks and act like a tough guy after winning a bronze and dying the tournament previously (definition of you apparently lmao).
Claims to be 17-3 or more, scared to reveal lmao...someone is
Welcome to the Megatron fan club, no autographs.

- Posted by Megatron

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Dead Opps ,
SO, until you reveal and back up your claims you should probably crawl back under your rock :).
I back up my talk, drop back to back gold cups, and post on my main. You die in a tournament, claim 17-3 vs me yet wont reveal or share tournament dates, and come back posting again after a bronze lmao.
Well? We're all waiting. Please share your 17-3 record vs me. Gosh it would look really foolish if you couldn't back up all that trash talk.....standing by for your excuse :).

- Posted by Megatron

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YAWN........ "Light work"

- Posted by 31G

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the rock I sure hope you weren't @Tiger Balm... It'd be pretty sad to only be good enough to cheat for 3rd place 😂

- Posted by Cheat For 3rd lol