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Miracle ,
Easy to find on discord... More golds than I have cups? I have been playing tournaments for 13 months, how many years/attempts did that take you? I'm more than happy to post my monthly tournaments played and % if you ever get around to showing me your imaginary 17-3....or just keeping dodging and not revealing. Out of your league? Your last 5 tournaments are Death, 5th, Bronze, 4th, Bronze. Elite league lmao. Reveal or post tournament dates or stop talking, pretty simple.

- Posted by Megatron

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Miracle ,
Ask Sonny. Guarantee you he knows. It'd be a cold weekend in hell with hot beer and no nachos before he admitted it tho. Wipe his cups again.

- Posted by Spy Tank

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We chased him around for a bit, & leading up to the last few screens DisrespecT- & hidden agenda were both on atmosfear top right; he kept teleporting to different spots until he decided to “get trapped” insufficient.
At that point not disrespect or hidden agenda followed but I did.
Was this planned? No
Do I just stop chasing a sugar because you tinfoil hats will assume I am cheating? No, Idgaf. I am not connected to anyone playing and my objective is to chase kills.

- Posted by Tiger Balm

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In R&S I was getting equipment in the bottom mid; saw 2-3 people by the water. Teleported, shot atomsfear 2-3 times while he was being shot from a scoped view, not close by. — I got the kill not even thinking or knowing he was about to die that screen.
Anyways assume all you want, tag me all day. I won’t be responding anymore on BB.
Peace out, it’s lonely at the top.

- Posted by NOW WE ARE FREE