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Ooze ,
This should be a lesson against basing opinions on assumptions and/ or little data. Others CAN attest (willing is another question) that I try to spread my shots across 2 or more tanks and at other times, not (it's work, let's be honest). It's just the nature of the game. And what you saw started as a 1v1v1 (everyone distributing shots) for at least 15min before they left and a blue gang chooses to gang on me. It got tiresome when it was clear I wasn't willing to give a fk...

- Posted by Overtime

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Ooze ,
EVERYONE chooses to gang up. I've been on the receiving end of an obvious collusion between colors who gang on me as the unspoken chosen sacrifice. Yesterday I had 3 oranges and 1 purple all attacking me while avoiding each other (not the first time). I've been on the other end as well and left without a kill. You don't see me getting salty about leaving a 30min session without a kill. It's just a product of the state of the game, as you said...

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Ooze , Overtime ,
I don't know who either of you are. That being said, keep whatever y'all arguing over, to yourselves.

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Can y’all get a tourney schedule put up?
I personally don’t care to play many but several people seem to love the competition regardless of the outcome. Main map seems to be a tad more active as well.

- Posted by Repetition